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NursePS How and Why

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 18, 2014, 11:42 PM

EVEN BIGGER UPDATE: Sorry for the non replies my darlings, DA wasn't letting me update anything. The website has moved to another host and resumed business. I will tend to the details and update the who to contact as soon as I can!!!

BIGGER UPDATE: The website has been taken DOWN. Thanks to all the DMCA's we filed together as a community the webhost was able to legally drop their customer. The domain no longer connects and your work is no longer stolen by them.

Note #1: I appreciate all the thanks, you're all welcome to be my friends and chat with me, I adore you all! Note #2: I'll be making a proper tutorial for how to file these notices to any website that's stealing your work in the future so stay tuned!

UPDATE: The host is shutting down the website in less than 16 hours!

Sorry for the lack of updates. For like a month there I couldn't get my journal to update and finally after several random tests one day after another it looks like I'm good to go again. Silly. Oh well, all things for a reason. Speaking of which, looks like I'm able to update my journal just in time to tell you about this new adult website (which some are saying is more like a broken search engine and I'll explain why that's not quite right later) which is going around stealing your images. Photos, cosplay pics, artwork. Everyone I've checked into had their work stolen so, 9 out of 10 chances yours is up there too.

To help make getting your work removed from this site I have created a DCMA template and put together all the info you need over here:

The description reads thus: So I heard this site NursePS was going around loading other people's artwork and cosplay photos onto their very adult website. Checked and sure enough mine was up there as well. Not only that but my darling John had his cosplay photos taken and put alongside pr0n ones- some of those photos were of his as a minor!

That was the last straw. I'm all too familiar with filing DCMA take down notices so I figured I'd share. This is what I did and how I did it. It worked. Between the time it takes for the host to respond (not their fault) and the offender (owner of the site) to comply it can take a full 48 from when you send your notice out so be patient. The host people are really nice and trying hard to comply with the laws while their customer goes off and does this crap.

Click the download button on the side, right click, extract. Inside are two files, you only need one but I know some systems have trouble with different formats. I suggest the RTF version. If it goes funny try the other.


Now, just a quick note because it annoys the computer geek in me that people are calling this a failed search engine instead of an adult website. Firstly, in both it's meta data (a description put right in the header code) and the header itself it's a place to find adult wallpaper. Secondly, they're using a code to take these images. No one person is picking and choosing your stuff, it's a code. A crawler to be precise. Search engines use crawlers to index sites so they might be found. This site uses crawlers that find content and 'scrape' it. It takes the content it finds, probably from Google images more so than DArt, and automatically adds it to the website.


Well if you don't constantly have new/updated content on your website you don't get indexed by search engines quite as often, your 'page rank' falls and you're no longer the first search result. They are scraping content so they can stay on top- it's a quick and dirty way to SEO (search engine optimization) their website.

Why do they likely do this?

No, they're not some evil monster trying to get you to look at porn. Well... maybe... They use ad revenue. They get paid to show people's ads on their website, per page load or click likely- the higher they are in the search engine the more clicks they get, porn is popular but it won't get you up there (no pun intended) so fresh content constantly is the other rout. I'm not defending them, ewwww, I'm just saying please don't spread misinformation. They're not a search engine, they're just trying to game them by stealing your stuff and posting nudes which I think is even more deplorable.

NursePS Stolen Your Work? Here's What To Do! by FeebyNeko

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Art Stream, Merch Photos, Office And More!

Journal Entry: Fri May 2, 2014, 10:08 AM

Live Art - For those of you who don't know I have a new stream channel for live art ( ) where you can do just that- watch me working, live, on whatever new randomness has fallen out of my brain. I have a webcam set up so you can see me with my cute little cat ears, and occasionally a real cat running across the screen... and there's a chat box so you can ask me all kinds of questions or just keep me company while I doodle away into the night.

Tonight I'll be starting at 6:30 pm EST. Please come join me! If you want to chat there's a Facebook login and if not you are more than welcome to lurk. You can even click this magical little follow button, the star with the + sign in it, to get notifications for all my future streams.

Merch Photos - Have you bought something from NekoCreations? Are you happy with it? Take a picture and send it to me at feeby dot neko at gmail dot com and I'll add it to our fabulous Facebook album. What's really cool about this album is not only does it show up on the very front page of NC but you'll be helping me assure future customers of the quality in these items and that's pretty awesome.

I Have An Office! - Recently my darling Husband-san was away on a business trip for three whole days. This little kitty is an anxious ball of energy when he's gone... so I might have creatively destroyed my house into some semblance of acceptable order. In short: I busted my tail cleaning and dragged John and a few friends into it (thanks, darlings!).

John's ceiling barfed on him this past winter when everything in our house decided to leak at the same time so he'd been sleeping on the couch- alas, between then and now when we were finally able to get in there and assess the damage sooooo much mold had grown. It smelled like the bad kind of mushrooms. Everything had to be removed and cleaned, the carpet taken out, etc. So that's done.

Our other room also had an accident... several in fact. It had been a storage room but now after much cleaning and some organizing (and a lot of scraping) we have an office! More importantly- NekoCreations has an office. What's this mean? Well, for starters it means I now have a place to store physical merchandise (away from cats) and thus can start making said merch for future tables at anime conventions and whatnot. It also means I have a place to start working on more sensitive (read: not cat friendly) crafts such as my crochet, John's sewing, charms and perhaps future screen-printing.

The short of the long being, I now have a base of operations and it's fabulous. Photos in the near future.

Special Edition Tees - In the course of our cleaning John found enough fabric paper for 6 shirts so we have decided to do something special. I'm going to be making a limited edition art which will only be available on these shirts, first come, first serve and all the proceeds from this mere handful will be going toward the real start of our printing supplies (for shirts, charms, stickers, magnets). More on this later when we've figured out the details. :)

Coloring Books Update - Firstly I just want to say the support you darlings have been giving this idea is phenomenal and I'm so uber flattered, you have no idea. That being said, now that some other things are off my plate I will be emailing and speaking to some local printers to get an idea of how much I need to raise in order to make this happen. All suggestions are welcome with gusto!

And now some features:
.: return to wonderland :. by luleiyaOn the Wall by Kita-AngelYou're like Tea, Aoba-san by BersenevConway by XeanChanTet - No game No life by YumikoNagi

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I have a question. The site is still up, and re-reading the email I realized something. They said that : "Therefor we gave our customer 960 minutes to remove the domain nurseps from the WorldStream network.". That could simply means the website is hosting by another network, isn't it? That would be why it's still up... And some artworks are still on it.
Thank you anyway for your precious help on how to deal with this.
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